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With the use of Shree Sudashan Water Softner all the appliance, tools, floors, tiles bathroom fitting , shower washing machine, pressure pump , R.O. remain scale free and removes old deposited scale from all surfaces including pipeline.

While washing clothes, less water and less washing powder or soap required for better results.

You wil feel fresh after taking bath with this water and your hair will remain silky, may help to prevent   hair loss and keep you away from skin disease.

Gas and electric water heater requires less power consumption



It is known that there are thousands of CELL MEMBRANES found on the roots of plants , trees and crops, which keeps the plant alive, healthy. Bacteria free and fast growing if the cell membranes are active energized and magnetized , they help plant to intake required mineral, nutrients, and the micro nutrient element from the soil with the help of water.

But when the plant /crop is watered and the water is hard, non magnetized the WHITE COATING             LAYER if formed on the root of the plant crop , and very hard water makes the cell membranes deactivate or dead up to 80% and as a result of that plants start to suffocate. This result in decrease of growth rate and low crop etc., that is the reason why magnetized water should be used for irrigation.


 Crop production increase from 15-20% to 50% and in some cases even more

 Plant disease rate drastically decreases.

 In case of Agriculture, it improves the Crops & its quality).

 Approximately 15% less of water is required for irrigation.

 With the help of this device very hard (salty) water can be used for agriculture (up to 8 thousand PPM) and more in some cases.

 Less fertilizer required.

 Soil becomes softener as the time passes and soil desalination takes place. This is because magnetic water has the ability to dissolve the salt from the soil and crop production increases year after year.

 This device makes DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM more effective clean and maintenance free even in very high TDS water.

 Very much useful and beneficial for GREEN HOUSES (Guaranteed Result attained)


After long observation and research by the scientist of magnetic technologies companies all over the world it is noted that using magnetic water for drinking purpose of chicks and animal result:

  Increase in the process of bone formation.

  Improves morphology of blood.

  Helpful in the growth and development of some bones.Improves the Quality & Quality of the 

  Reduction in death rates by 2-3 times also noted.(average weight gain increase by 5-7% with 
  egg laying quality by 10%)


We are proud to announce that, this machine has been tested and trialed by M.I.T( Maharashtra Institute of Technology) Pune, on concrete, parameters strength of concrete have been studied for more than 100 concrete sample, including the Non-magnetic sample(made by ordinary water) and magnetic sample (made by our machine magnetic water) and they have reported compressible strength of samples made by magnetic water was 27% more than sample made by ordinary water. They stated that the increase in plasticity , the efficiency and quality of concrete boosts in comparison non-magnetic concrete cubes.

Water plays very important role in cement industries curing and casting are two main process to make any cement article, and for this, quality water is required. If the water is with extra chlorine, heavily polluted muddy oil, acids, salt, or any other material bases is harmful, it decreases the compressive strength of concrete or cement article.

Generally water suitable for drinking in suitable enough the concrete construction. But if the quality and this much quantity is not possible to arrange. But if the magnetic water is used for it, it can make the difference and it is proved by M.I.T Pune. We can produce the hard copy of report by M.I.T.


With use of this device in industries chemical process expenses reduces up to 50%. It help to keep following industrial device scale free  like boiler Cooling Tower, Heat Exchanger, Chiller, Engine Cooling System, Ice Factories , Cold Storage, Plywood Making Factories and all indulstry where water is used . And increase the efficiency of plant.